Garden trends 2022


Garden refurbs and renovations have increased in popularity over the last few years as outdoor areas become more important in everyday living, especially in a sunny, warm country like South Africa. The current work from home trend (let’s hope it’s not a passing fad) has inspired new garden trends as homeowners look to spruce up their gardens while spending more time at home. Let’s explore some exciting garden trends for the year ahead. 

Image courtesy of Karolina Grabowska. Published on 28 June 2020. Source:

Au naturale

There’s definitely a growing trend towards garden decor and elements made from more natural materials such as stone, cement, wood, ceramic and granite. This style lends itself to a very contemporary look and feel, while keeping things clean and neat. The aim is to move towards natural elements that are also practical and easy to care for. 

Image couresy of Maria Orlova. Published on 21 July 2020. Source:

Naturalistic planting 

Sounds very organic, but what is it really? Naturalistic planting is all about  perennials and various types of grass being planted in small groups or alone to create similar patterns within a particular area, while giving the illusion of natural-looking drifts. Rather than planting in traditional flower beds or monocultural blocks, you’ll create a more effortless, natural look. 

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Organic gardening and sustainability 

Organic gardening and sustainability of your garden are two different things but they go hand in hand. Organic gardening involves replacing  chemicals (such as fertilisers and pesticides) with natural products – it’s part of a bigger lifestyle choice. Gardening organically also includes using water responsibly and encouraging biodiversity. Examples are adding a pond, putting up bird boxes and bee hotels, and planting flowers that will attract butterflies and bees. 

Image courtesy of Karolina Grabowska. Published on 28 June 2020. Source:

Gravel and stone 

Gravel is going to give paving a run for its money in 2022. Paving has its issues – it’s not the best for drainage which means it doesn’t really tick the sustainability box. Gravel, on the other hand, provides excellent drainage. More reasons to love gravel: it’s flexible, easy to use, can be used as a planting medium or decorative element, and of course it’s low maintenance and affordable when compared to other alternatives. 

Using stone to add texture can make your garden more interesting while keeping it natural: you can use stone in pathways, garden decor, water features or pot plants

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Now that we have spilt the tea on all things garden for 2022, flex your green fingers and get your garden tools ready!