Four home office organisation hacks
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There are definite advantages to working from home, but it can also be challenging – especially if you’re new to it. We’ve compiled a list of our top four office organisation hacks that will boost maximum productivity while you’re working from home. Discipline is required, especially for those who have kids – finding a balance between your work and the kids’ homework can be quite a task.

One disadvantage of working from home that will be all too familiar, is the risk of being constantly distracted. Your kids, your pets, your garden, and your partner  can all easily interrupt your work – and then there are the regular trips to check what’s in the fridge! For these reasons, it’s extremely important to have a dedicated workspace and to make it as organised as possible to ensure that you can be as productive as you would in your normal office environment. So let’s get started!

Less is more

Your home is a living space, not a storage space so it seems only right to start off with a good declutter. Try to go paperless, if you can – although this won’t be possible for everyone, so do what works best for you. Go through all your slips, sticky notes and general paperwork, keep important documents and throw out the rest (add it to a pile you can recycle later). Now we can tackle stationery – check each pen and highlighter to see that they still work – and throw out the ones that don’t. Decluttering is also important in your online space, so delete old or spam emails and experience the freedom of a lighter load. Organise folders on your computer so that files are easier to find and delete any files you no longer need. 

Cable organisers to the rescue!

Computer cables and phone chargers are essential,  but they don’t make a space look neat and tidy. These days, there are so many options you can choose to organise your cables, it all depends on how you want it to look in your space. Here are some options: bulldog clips for a retro look that works,, cable organiser clips for a more modern and chic feel or even a spiral wrap organiser to keep multiple cables together.  Alternatively, you can use cable ties or just tuck all that wiring out of sight behind your desk. Then take things one step further and hide your router in an easy to access cabinet. 

See Pinterest come to life

Push pin boards are perfect for organising your notes and ideas. Besides being a great way to pin reminders, calendars, rosters, timetables and inspiring quotes, they are also quite easy on the eye and can make your space look organised and beautiful. If you’ve always wanted to create your own vision board, now’s the perfect time!

Desk organisation equals a happy life – seriously

I’m no doctor but it’s true, being organised makes you happier and healthier by reducing stress. If you’re in the market for a new office desk, consider purchasing one with a lot of storage space. Desks with no drawers are more likely to look messy. If you already have a desk, storage baskets and drawer dividers are the best solution. Metal storage baskets are cheap and easy to find, simply slip them under your desk and you’re good to go! You can use dividers to keep the contents of your desk drawers tidy, and you can even make your own from cereal boxes if you’re feeling creative. Floating shelves are another useful storage tip: they don’t take up much space and can be used to organise office supplies, books or décor.

Now that you have all these tips at hand, take some time out of your day to declutter your home office – and your life. If this blog post has inspired you to give it a go, please share your decluttering pictures with us on our social media platforms using the hashtag #bidorbuyhomeoffice so that we can give you a thumbs up.