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The bidorbuy Business, Farming & Industry category currently features almost 2800 listings. A great majority of them, about 2400, are brand new; only about 400 are second-hand items. This category also strongly favours the buy-now (fixed price) type of listings: the buy-now – auctions ratio is about 5:1.

The most populated sub-category, with about 1400 listings, is the Office section, followed by Tools, which has almost 500 listings. The least populated sub-category is the Postage & Packing Supplies. That may seem surprising, but perhaps only at the first glance: it is possible that bidorbuy sellers (who surely need loads of boxes) are being thrifty and recycling any packaging supplies they can lay their hands on.

So, what exactly can you buy in the bidorbuy Business, Farming & Industry category?

Well, anything that the sellers choose to offer – from business card holders and calendars to office furniture, from pliers and chainsaws to tractors. You can even buy some impressive-looking vehicles like this CAT 730 ADT Truck or this Turret truck BT VECTOR 150A.

During the week ending 17 January, there were over one hundred items sold in the Business, Farming & Industry category. The biggest demand was for the tools, perhaps indicating that South Africans are a DIY nation.

As for the most popular search term in this category, tractors have been holding this position for a while now, followed by businesses for sale. Looks like quite a few bidorbuy users are looking to start a new business in the New Year! Perhaps this restaurant in Balito or this paint shop located on KwaZulu Natal South Coast will be to their liking.