Fishing tales


Seasoned fishermen know that the success of a fishing trip hangs precariously on a long list of considerations, and never mind that most of them have at best a very tenuous connection with catching fish. Some of the to-dos and not-to dos that many anglers swear by have come down to us through centuries. Others are relatively new.

First, let’s take a look at what bodes ill for a fishing expedition:

  • Once you step out, never re-enter your house carrying a fishing pole. If you do, you will not catch any fish.
  • You won’t catch any fish if you see a chicken oiling its feathers or if a rabbit crosses your path as you are making your way towards your favourite spot.
  • Once you cast your line, be on the lookout for dragonflies. If one of them alights on your float, you may as well call it a day and pack up. You won’t catch anything.
  • The success of your fishing trip will also be seriously jeopardised if you let your pole touch the water, or if anyone steps over (some say under) your line.
  • Never count the number of fish you have caught. If you do, you will catch no more that day.

Now, here’s what ensures a good catch:

  • Always have a hat. It does not matter what kind of hat it is, as long as it is your finishing hat and as long as you always keep it handy.
  • If you hear owls hoot during the day, go fishing for catfish. A good catch is assured.
  • The ideal day for fishing is a cloudy one. A soft rain is propitious, but a heavy rainfall drives the fish away.
  • Crumble some crackers in your hands before handling the bait, in order to get your scent off.
  • If you find a leaf in the water while fishing, throw it back to dry land for good luck.
  • Also for good luck, you should throw back into the water the first fish you catch. Not all agree on this one. Some say that throwing back your first catch amounts to throwing away your luck for the day. Others yet compromise and kiss the first fish they catch, but do not throw it away.
  • You have followed all the to-dos and not-to-dos to the letter, but the fish is still being unresponsive? Try throwing a pebble into the water. That excites the fish and makes them bite.

Are you a fisherman? Do any of the tips (or “tips”) above work for you?

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