First impressions


Just when you sent off the last of the Christmassy items you sold on bidorbuy and heaved a sigh of relief, it was time to start packing the Valentine’s Day merchandise. Since that is good for the business, you are, of course, not complaining.

If the prevailing festive spirit has prompted you to adopt a more elegant packaging style than usual, you are paving the path to continued future success too.

You get only one chance to make a good first impression, and your packaging skills are the first thing your customers will notice. Make it a pleasure for them to open your parcels. This is especially important in the case of more expensive items or item that fall into what can be called the gifting category. If you are organised, it does not take much extra effort to make the opening of a parcel an enjoyable experience.

And being organized definitely means never doing it on the floor. Packing the merchandise in a squatting position will give you a back ache. More importantly, such practice may impart to your customers all sorts of uncalled-for information about your household. One may get a piece of pizza crust stuck to the packing tape. Another may get a ball of cat or dog hairs. Neither wil be amused!

Nicely packed items with perhaps an extra in the form of a suitably coloured paper or a hand written note will contribute to the “wow factor” which can generate more sales, not to mention increasing your chances of getting a positive feedback.