FIFA 15 impresses!
south africa in the cricket world cup


The most popular sport in the world (to the despair of American football fans!) is European football, and perhaps the most successful video game franchise of all time is the European football simulator FIFA series. A new FIFA title is released annually and always garners rave reviews and makes its mark on the sales charts.


2014 was FIFA World Cup year and the EA Sports (the publishers of the FIFA game franchise) released a World Cup Edition of the 2013 FIFA game to much praise and fanfare. Now they have released the 2014 FIFA iteration called FIFA 15. The game features the messiah of the sport, Lionel Messi, as its cover star and promises all the excitement that this player brings to the game.


The game features a score of leagues and national teams, and allows players to play as their favourite soccer star or a team manager. Team players now show heightened emotions based on how the tide of the match is running. An improved commentary and diverse fan reactions and chants also bring highlights to the game – although we imagine they have left out the hooliganism for which the sport is infamous.


An updated system of tactics also is a highlight of the game, allowing you to put the edge on your playing style, and expect the AI to come prepared for battle. Incredible graphics and lighting put the finishing touch on what looks like the most impressive FIFA title to date.


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