FIFA 2010 tickets no more on bidorbuy


The FIFA World Cup tickets have become the top search term on bidorbuy. Many of you will be disappointed to learn that from Sunday 16 May 2010 sellers are not allowed to list World Soccer Cup 2010 tickets for sale on the site.

The South African Department of Trade and Industry, presumably at FIFA request, made it a criminal offence for unauthorised persons or businesses to sell tickets for the 2010 FIFA cup. They say that the punishment for contravening this regulation is a fine of up to R200,000 or five years in jail.

If you already bought your World Cup 2010 tickets from an unaccredited seller, the Department of Trade and Industry’s advice it to verify the authenticity of your tickets.

If you want to sell your ticket, you need to do it in accordance with the FIFA Ticket Transfer Policy.

And regardless of how you got your ticket, bring your ID or passport with you when you set off to watch a game. The officials say they will be running random checks on the stadiums to make sure that your ticket matches your identification document.