Fantastic festive reads


Give the gift of reading this holiday season…

Gideon’s Gift

Author: Karen Kingsbury
Genre: Modern Fiction

Kingsbury, author of A Treasury of Christmas Miracles has written another heart-warming holiday tale which is sure to tug at a few heartstrings.

Earl Badgett tragically loses his beloved wife and daughter.  Angry and heartbroken, he turns his back on society and takes to the streets as a homeless man abandoning all belief in God.

Eight year old Gideon Mercer, a patient diagnosed with leukaemia reaches out to Earl at the homeless shelter where her family volunteers, making it her mission to help him overcome his emotional grief. Gideon convinces her father — forced into poverty by a recent layoff — to buy a gift for the unhappy man but when she approaches Badgett with the gift he refuses to open it, leaving her heartbroken and rejected by his hostility.

Gideon is persistent and with a heart in tune with the angels and her strong belief in miracles she sets out on a quest to heal Earl’s lonely and broken heart.

Say You’re Sorry

Author: Michael Robotham
Genre: Crime & Mystery

Popular teenagers Pipper Hadley and Tash McBain disappear one Sunday Morning and the girls are never found.

Joe O’Loughlin a clinical psychologist is convinced that Piper and Tash are still alive and persuade police to re-open the investigation after being called in to assess the possible killer of a couple brutally murdered in the farmhouse where Tash Mcbain once lived.

Finding a connection to the missing girls, Joe O’Loughlin finds himself racing against time to prevent another tragedy but the closer he gets to the truth the more dangerous it becomes.

“A smart and compelling book blessed with an intelligent story line.”

The Mall

Author: S. L. Grey
Genre: Horror & Ghost Stories

Dan is an emotional kid who hates his job working at a dull Johannesburg shopping mall.

Rhoda is a cocaine addict who hates her life. Her baby sitting charge runs off while she is trying to score cocaine. She bullies Dan into helping her find the kid but as they explore the neon-lit corridors behind the mall, they receive disturbing text messages which lure them into the bowels of the building.

Finding old mannequins stored in grave-like piles of raw sewage, they are forced to complete a series of twisted tasks to find their way out. Relieved to finally emerge into the brightly lit food court to the sight of people shopping and eating, they realise their nightmare has only just begun.

Shop assistants are chained to their counters and lumps of bleeding meat is being sold to shoppers pumped full of silicone.

Friends & Rivals

Author: Tilly Bagshawe
Genre: Romance

Kat’s philandering husband whom she still very much loves leaves her for a younger woman. Devastated, she turns to the only person she can trust.

Kendall has it all. Her need for success consumes her and she won’t let anyone stand in her way but under her tough exterior she hides a weakness.

Ava, an innocent 17 year old, thrown into the deep-end of the glamorous world of fame finds herself up against Kendall as the world watches closely waiting to see who will come out the winner.

As these three women navigate their way through the backstabbing world of fame, fortune and desire will they be tempted to betray the people they love most?

“A self-indulgent, sensational read”

The Choice

Author: Robert Whitlow
Genre: Modern Fiction

Sandy Lincoln is an unwed pregnant teenager in 1974 with the compelling urge to do the right thing. One day she is approached by an ancient woman in a convenience store with a mysterious prophecy and a warning.

Thirty four years later a pregnant unwed teen comes into her life and the choice she made a long time ago comes back to haunt her. Left with split seconds to choose; her decision will either bring life or death!