Evolve – a game best shared with friends!
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If there is one thing better than playing a video game alone, it’s playing a video game with your friends. A whole host of games have become legendary for their multiplayer modes and developers have even designed complete games which are aimed at the multiplayer experience. Evolve is such a game.


Evolve has a simple premise: four human hunters are pitted against a single monster, with all roles being taken on by players. The game itself takes place on an alien planet called Shear where human colonists have come under attack from the fearsome local fauna. In response to these attacks, highly trained, tactical teams are dispatched to eliminate the alien threat.


Human players can choose from multiple roles within the team including assault, tracking, medic and support roles. The Monster player can choose from a variety of lethal beasts to suit his (or her) play strategy.


The game also includes a variety of game modes – as well as the ability to improve both hunters and monsters.


Suffice to say this is a game best enjoyed with your friend – happy hunting!


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Evolve video game