Entertain with fog and haze
fog machine


Do you want to throw a party that everyone will talk about for years to come? Consider adding a special ingredient: fog or haze. In combination with some good lighting, the effects produced are simply amazing.

Until recently, artificial fog was reserved for professional entertainment. However, nowadays there are smaller, more affordable machines that are suitable for personal use. For example, for your next big bash!

fog machine

Fog machines, which are often also called smoke machines, use special fluid to produce a thick translucent or opaque cloud that rises and dissipates around the room, creating an impressive visual effect. Fog machines often come with a remote to control the volume and the duration of fog produced. They are a great addition for any party and can be especially suitable for Halloween parties.

When you want the thick cloud to stay on the ground, use a low-lying fog machine. The magical walking-on-air effect it produces is perfect for wedding receptions.

fog machine

Both fog (or smoke) machines and low-fog machines can be used as stand-alone or in combination with lighting. But to fully appreciate the visual effect of haze machines, you need a light show too. Haze machines have a much finer output than fog or low-fog machines. Still, the particles they create linger in the air for a long time, allowing you to appreciate the rays and light patterns you would not normally see. Use haze machines when you want to create a misty atmosphere and to astonish everyone with the light effects.

Once you decide what kind of effects you want, get your fog or haze machine and arrange a party! The atmosphere you create with fog or haze will make your friends want to dance all night long.

haze machine and lights