Embrace the bodycon
women fashion


women fashion

It’s hot, and it’s controversial. There’s even controversy about the very term. According to some, it stands for body-conscious; according to others, for body-contoured. The cynics maintain it is short for body condom, adding that body-conscious is just how it makes the wearer feel.


Be that as it may. You get the picture: bodycon is a body-hugging, skin-tight, figure-showing, leave-little-to-imagination garment. Although the term is wide enough to encompass everything from pants and skirts to tops, bodycon makes the most powerful impact as a dress.


If you are planning to join the trend and flaunt your curves, read on to find out about the basic dos and don’ts of wearing a bodycon dress.


bodycon dressesWho can wear it

Not everybody. (I know, life’s not fair.) Bodycon dresses are made to show off curves. So, if you have none, tough luck. If you have too much, also tough luck. Slim and curvy figure, usually referred to as hourglass, is best for bodycon. However, even if you fit the picture, you may want to stay away from light colours, because they will reveal every bulge and every cellulite bump that’s trying to hide under a bodycon.


How to accessorise it

Once upon a time, long bodycon dresses were worn as evening wear. Today, short varieties are popular as everyday outfit. To avoid looking like you haven’t changed from the night before, accessorise carefully. You may, for example, pair the dress with a denim jacket and / or flat shoes. However, if your legs are not of the kind usually described as “going for miles”, you may want to stick to high heels.


A block-coloured bodycon dress will benefit from the addition of a belt. This little accessory can go a long way towards defining the waist and creating the illusion of curves. A wide, loosely worn belt will make the dress look more informal.


What to wear under it

No snickering, now. What you wear under your bodycon dress is as important (if not more important) than the dress itself. Just remember that everything covered by your bodycon has to appear as absolutely smooth, and you’ll be fine. Want more specifics? Here they are: no panty lines; no bra lines; no bulges of any kind whatsoever. If you find you need a little help, go for body shaping underwear.


How to wear it

Even a Greek-goddess-like body will look pitiful and unsightly if the said goddess is slouching. Good posture is essential when you want to show off your bodycon. So, head up, shoulders back and down, tummy in, chest out… and you’re ready to walk over the (male part of) world!