Eggs are just the start…


Easter table décor ideas 

Table decorations get a lot of attention at Christmas, but you can also go all out and get creative when Easter comes around. Check out these great ideas to surprise and delight your guests. 

For starters… 

You’ll need a tablecloth, so choose either a neutral one that sets off all your decorations, or a coloured one that works with your chosen theme. 

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Get floral with it 

In the northern hemisphere, Easter is traditionally associated with the arrival of spring. Here in SA, we’re heading into winter, but leaves and flowers are still a great option for creating a welcoming atmosphere. You can cut branches from your garden, weave twigs into a nest or shop artificial flowers that you can use again next year. Candles always add atmosphere, especially in the evening. Try putting tealights in repurposed glass jars or buy some traditional Consol jars that you can use for storage afterwards. 

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Cuteness overload 

Chickens, eggs and bunnies all feature strongly in most people’s idea of Easter, and you’ll find lots of inspiration here. Think cute bunny or chick ornaments or hide chocolate eggs around the table as a treat for everyone – and to keep kids entertained with a mini-Easter egg hunt between courses. They can also try their hand at making artificial flowers from crepe paper or coffee filter papers

Home made decorations add plenty of charm and are a great way to keep your kids entertained during the holidays. Let them express their creativity by painting eggs or making flowers out of crepe paper. Eggs can be displayed in a nest arrangement or balanced on top of candle sticks to create a different look. 

Another option is to repurpose your Christmas tree as an Easter tree – instead of stars and angels, go with more eggs, bunnies, flowers or chicks. There are even Easter Lego sets you can include in your décor scheme. 

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A place for everyone 

Choose napkins and name cards that have an Easter theme or mark each person’s place with a chocolate egg or bunny. You can even use the different colours of foil wrapper to set up a seating scheme – for example, one colour for boys and one colour for girls. 

Linen napkins can be tied into cute “bunny ears” shapes using raffia for whiskers and a pink bead for the nose. 

And now for something completely different… 

For an alternative take on Easter, you could throw a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-themed event – after all, that’s where Alice met the March Hare. 

A tea party theme will let you go to down with cake stands, mismatched vintage china cups and plates, and plenty of sweet treats. And if you do all your shopping on bidorbuy, you won’t get driven mad by having to hop around the shops before the long weekend!  

Don’t forget the food! 

If you’re into home baking, create themed cupcakes or decorate an Easter cake to fit your theme. This is another project your kids can help you with – you’ll be teaching them life skills, but they’ll be having so much fun it certainly won’t feel like school! 

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After all, Easter is about family, so when you’re planning your Easter table decorations, the more people you get involved, the better! 

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