Dreaming of Africana
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Some may miss the hunt and driving hundreds of kilometres to visit crafts markets and small stores. However, most of us will welcome the opportunity to find antique, vintage, traditional or derived South African and African artefacts on bidorbuy.


In the Antiques & Collectables – Africana section, you will find tribal arts and crafts such as hand-woven baskets or masks, as well as voortrekker and other artefacts. Most of them will work beautifully as character pieces, and most are worthy of collecting. To illustrate the point, here are some of the currently listed items:

africana artefacts

Yohure tribe metal mask, Baga tribe wooden headwear and wooden comb from Luba tribe.


africana artefacts
Stone eggs, Republic of South Africa 31 May 1961 commemorative tray and warthog clay figurine.


africana artefacts

Wooden seed cup with lid, bottle with wire decoration and grass hand.


africana artefacts

Toy ox wagon from the 1800’s, wire bowl and reed container with lid.


africana artefacts

Ndebele beaded lady, beaded Zulu dolls and beaded tie.


africana artefacts

Wooden container with lid and wooden pot with leather thongs.

If you happen to create artefacts in the style derived from the rich African heritage, remember – you can sell them on bidorbuy!