Do you wear wood?
wooden sunglasses and watch


You may be among the fashionistas who do not leave the house without a pair of wooden sunglasses shading their eyes. And since one thing leads to another, you probably sport a wooden watch on your wrist too.


Or… you may be among the few who are not even aware that one can put a piece of wood over one’s eyes or use a piece of wood to tell time. In that case, we hasten enlighten you. Just take a look at the images of wooden sunglasses and watches currently listed on bidorbuy and you’ll become an instant wood-wear aficionado:


wooden sunglasses and watch


Convinced? Of course you are. So, once again, here are the links to wooden sunglasses and wooden watches.


It is true that they do not come cheap, but what a statement they make! Everyone who sees you sporting wood on your person is sure to notice you. As for you, you can bask in the knowledge that you own a long-lasting luxury that can be passed on from generation to generation.


Surely, that is something that’s worth saving for and splashing on!


The wood you wear is also worth taking care of. Here are some basic rules:


  • Although the wood used for making sunglasses and watches is treated and coated with a protective layer to make it resistant to sweat and water, these items are not made to be immersed into water or worn in the shower, sauna, or hot tub.
  • Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, because this can create hairline cracks on wood. Also avoid exposure to extreme temperature and do not place close to humidifiers, fireplaces, or heaters of any kind.
  • Always store wooden sunglasses in the hard case they came in when you bought them. Clean the lenses and frames with a microfibre cloth.
  • Wear your wooden watch and wooded sunglasses often because they benefit from the contact with the natural oils from your skin.

Treat them well, and watch your wood-wear look better and better with the passage of time!