DIY dog beds
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If you are feeling inspired and want to create a unique bed for your dog, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. This blog post will provide you with a guide on how to create trendy and simply adorable dog beds all by yourself, something you and your furry friend will definitely appreciate. There is no doubt that a number of “aaawws” will be heard at the sight of these creations.

1. Furniture inspired

If you have some old furniture lying around, you could sell it on bidorbuy or you can get creative and reuse those pieces, giving them purpose again. If you love these ideas and don’t have any old furniture lying around, do not worry, just shop on bidorbuy. Types of furniture suitable for a dog bed include:

  • Old drawers
  • Nightstands
  • Television stands
  • Tables

All of the above furniture pieces can be repainted or covered with wallpaper (this also applies to some of the other ideas mentioned in this blog). If you are feeling extremely creative, you can even try your hand at decoupaging. Add pictures, patterns or even letters and numbers to personalise each piece, especially if you have more than one pet. With regards to comfort, you can either use a pillow or cushion you already have lying around; alternatively, you can make a cushion using some sponge and material. If you feel the cushion alone is not enough support, add an extra layer of sponge or foam beneath the cushion.

If you are still wondering how on earth all those furniture pieces could ever house your pet comfortably, let me explain.

Old drawers: Remove old drawers from your dressing table. You can place them just like that on the floor or you can add some feet at the bottom to give them some height.


Nightstand: If you have a nightstand with an opening at the bottom, even better. If there isn’t an opening, don’t worry, you can always remove the door.


Television stand: Remove any cables or wires that might still be inside or around your television stand. Remove any doors or barriers in the front of the television stand to allow for an entry and exit point for your pet.

Table: The table is a very interesting case. You are probably thinking how would it be safe or even doable for my little pup to sleep on a table. The trick here is to turn the table upside down so that the legs are facing upwards, thereby creating a four poster bed effect.

2. Reusable pieces

Do you have some arbitrary items lying around the house, things like an old suitcase, a wine crate, an antique wagon you used to play with as a child or even perhaps an old picnic basket?

Old suitcase: If you have a vintage suitcase lying around, why not create a dog bed. Insert a layer of sponge or add a pillow. You can go an extra step and decorate the suitcase to  your heart’s content. If you want to, you can also include your pup’s name or add decorative items such as banting, toys, etc.

Picnic basket: If you no longer use an old picnic basket you found in the garage, remove all its contents and add some pillows. Decorate how you please.

Red wagon: Yes, it is quite odd but if you still have one, this could make for a unique and efficient dog bed. If you don’t have a wagon, you can buy one. You are free to leave the wheels on, which makes it easy to move the dog bed as you wish. Just ensure that the wagon is on a surface that isn’t slippery. If you prefer a fixed piece, removing the wheels is also an option. Add a cushion and some foam beneath to make the sleeping area not so hard.

Wine crate: Using a saw or a wood cutting machine, make a little opening in the front part of the wine crate to allow for easy access into and out of the dog bed. Whether you have a wooden or a plastic crate, either will work. You can paint it, decorate it or leave it in its raw form. Add some cushions and you got it!

Old tyre: If you have an old tyre lying around and don’t plan on making a swing for the kids, then why not create a dog bed. Ensure no parts of the tyre  can harm or injure your pet. Then add a pillow in the middle for a unique piece.

3. Build it yourself!

Woven platform dog bed: Purchase some nylon straps and a wooden frame. Using a stapling gun, staple long pieces of nylon material from left to right and top to bottom until it looks firm and secure. Add some legs to create a platform look, then paint as you wish.

Old sweater bed: Are you good at sewing? Then this one is for you, but if you like the idea and aren’t so good at sewing, maybe ask a friend. If you have an old sweater, jersey or blanket you no longer use, fill it with foam or sponge from an old pillow. Then sew the edges.

Dog bunk bed: Using wood, nails and a hammer, build your very own dog bunk bed fit for a queen or king!  If you wish, you can add some stairs and a feeding area with food and water bowls.