Display pretty nails


We have done an in-depth research on the all-important issue of nail decoration and served the results in two articles published on bidorbuy, How to Apply Nail Polish and How to Apply Acrylic Nails. Study them carefully. Once equipped with theoretical knowledge, you’ll be ready to immerse yourself into the world of the bidorbuy Makeup & Nail Care.

Yes, that’s right, on bidorbuy nails are grouped with makeup. At the time we took a peek, the Makeup & Nail Care section held over two thousand products, making it the biggest in the whole Health & Beauty category.

And – surprise! – nails are holding their own vis-à-vis the sharp competition from all that attention-seeking makeup. Actually, they are the leaders, with Nail Care Sets & Kits at the top, followed by Nail Polish & Decorations in the second place and Nail Tips & Acrylics in the fourth (Eye Makeup having managed to squeeze into the third position).

Enjoy browsing among all the different nail polishes, from standard to fluorescent, glitter, and crackle, as well as the wealth of acrylic nails, appliqués, stamps, foils, decals…  With a choice like that, you have no excuse for sporting unkempt nails!