Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


It is a strange fact of history that things tend to aggregate and form greater wholes. From the ancient city states of Greece came unification under the iron will of Alexander. Rome rose from single metropolis to conquer the Italian Peninsula and the world. And let us say nothing of the Mongols and the British. Nationalism itself is merely the urge for a shared cultural and ideological heritage to assert itself through conquests of space.


And yet this unifying process is, ever and anon, undermined. Alexander’s generals carved up his empire for themselves and Rome was torn apart by infightings, barbarians and Christians. The forces of dissolution have partitioned men along the lines of race, creed and nationality. An awakened terrorism in the 21st century has further alienated members of society and caused discord around the world.


It is therefore befitting that fear and segregation are the crux of the new game from Eidos Montreal.


The game takes place two years after the events of its predecessor, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The mankind is still reeling from the aftermath of the “Aug Incident” – a scourge of violence resulting from cybernetically enhanced humans becoming overwhelmed by an uncontrollable ferocity. This bloody abandon was initiated by shadow programme coded into mechanical implants, triggered off by a rogue member of the programme’s creator, a secret society called the Illuminati. Investigations into the incident have been hidden behind a variety of smoke and mirror tactics and the sum of these events has led to a “Mechanical Apartheid”, with augmented humans living as outcasts from society.


Enter the protagonist Adam Jensen:  the cybernetically enhanced James Marsden lookalike Interpol officer from the first game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Adam is busy playing both sides. He is investigating a group of augmented terrorists while working alongside a hacking group to investigate the Illuminati. Gameplay is once again centred around choices. Players can choose to go into guns blazing situations or to  stealthily infiltrate areas to achieve their goals; in fact, it is possible to complete the entire game without killing a single person (bosses included). Players can upgrade Adams’ cybernetics to line up with their gaming vision and the offerings in this line are many, including explosive missiles and invisibility cloaks.


The game itself has garnered a lot of positive reviews and has set itself up for a sequel.


You can buy Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on bidorbuy.