Defeat the Nazis with Sniper Elite 3


Sniper Elite 3 is here and those damn Nazis are causing problems in North Africa.


The Fuhrers forces are engaged in developing a secret weapon capable of crushing the allied forces and the onus is on you, playing soldier-extraordinaire Karl Fairborne, to act as both infiltrator and saboteur, and in doing so put an end to the evil schemes of Hitlers Afrika Korps.


Offering immense levels and diverse strategies, Sniper Elite 3 offers you more room to plan your reconnaissance behind enemy lines. The environment is your friend here – find the best spot to set up your sniping rig, plan escape roots, hide in shadows and disappear down ravines – the choice is yours.


Sniper Elite 3 also features an extensive revamp of the kill-cam from the series’ predecessors. See the terrible damage of your bullets as they rip through your opponents body with an excess of ballistic violence.


You can find Sniper Elite 3 on bidorbuy.

Sniper Elite 3