Dead Island: Riptide


If you wake up every morning expecting the beginning of a zombie apocalypse only to be crushed with disappointment when the streets appear absent of the undead, then you will be one of many that can look forward to the release of the new video game Dead Island: Riptide, releasing in late April 2013.


A continuation of the events from the game Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide sees the four survivors of the original game arriving on a new island which once again is overrun with zombies. If this sounds like a poorly thought-out plot, the game makes no apology for it. The focus is on killing zombies, and the game provides an open-world, free exploring environment overrun with the abominations. Choose from an assortment of weapons to defend yourself, including axes, knives and guns. If needs be, you can always steal a vehicle and drive through hordes of the unliving. Boats have also been introduced, though zombies can pull the unwary out of them. So gear up and get ready to face the zombie masses.


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