What Dads want


gifts for Father's DayRead to find out what Dads really want for Father’s Day.

It may help you choose the right gift!

“It’s difficult, buying gifts for men”, complained one participant in our Mother’s Day, Father’s Day survey.

Hmmm… is it really that difficult to buy a gift for a man?

More than 160 fathers who took part in the survey do not think so. Most of them have a pretty definite idea about what they want to get for Father’s Day, come Sunday 15 June!

And they want… in order of preference:

Smartphone and laptopElectronic or digital devices (22%)

Some Dads modestly picked “a cool gadget”. Others were more specific (and not always modest). They opted for laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, stereo systems, or  wide-screen TV sets.


Men's watchesWatches (11%)

No surprises here.  With the declining popularity of cuff links and tie pins, a wrist watch is one of the few ornamental items men have at their disposal. So, let him have it!


Man with toolsTools (10%)

What can one say to all of you who have Dads that view tools as the most wanted gift, except – cherish them and let them get down to the DIY stuff!


Other most wanted gifts among Dads were: books, CDs, DVDs, home and garden gear, sport equipment, personal care items like fragrances and electronic shavers, gift vouchers, wine or spirits, and car accessories. One Dad is yearning for an ice machine; presumably, someone out there is hogging all the ice cubes! So, if this sounds familiar to you…

When we compared the wish-list above with what the survey participants plan to buy for Dad on his day, we found that the two have a rather high correlation factor (well, on the average, at least). About 32% of gift-givers plan to get for Dad an electronic gadget; as many as 13.5% percent will go with an item of clothing; 11% have an eye on a book, CD or DVD, 10% will buy a watch; 9.5% a gift voucher; 9% tools; 7% will opt for a bottle of good wine; 4% for sports equipment, etc.

Some Dads said they would be happy with hugs and kisses, and one father specified that he loves hand made gifts from the kids. Still, most Dads expect real gifts, and most of the survey participants who celebrate Father’s Day plan to do just that: buy their Dad a gift.

We hope this post provided all the indecisive gift-givers with a couple of ideas!