Create your perfect #WFH space


The new normal 

At the start of the pandemic, most of us felt that working from home would be a temporary thing, and that we’d be gossiping around the office water cooler again before long. Of course, that’s not how things turned out, and now it looks like #WFH is here to stay. 

That means that setting up your home office is more important than ever – after all, it looks like you’re going to be spending a lot of time there from now on. 

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Recreating the office 

It’s maybe not realistic to want all the facilities of your old office at home, but you do need to make sure you can get things done professionally, on time, and ideally in comfort. Working from home might mean you can attend meetings in your PJs, but deadlines are still deadlines. 

Let’s take a look at what you need to set up your home office… of course, this will in part depend on your home and who you share it with, but a few basics apply everywhere. 

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Make room for work 

If you can, have a single designated space for your home office. This can help with work-life balance, because you can go there in the morning, and leave it again when your day’s work is done. Ideally it should be somewhere that you won’t be distracted by kids, pets or the TV. Of course, this depends on the layout of your place and whether or not you have a spare room. 

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Are you sitting comfortably?

To work at your best, you need your home office to be like Goldilocks’ porridge – not too hot and not too cold. Lighting is also important – natural is best. 

Once you’ve picked your spot, the next thing to get right is the furniture. The basics are of course a desk and a chair, but put some time into choosing furniture that helps you maintain the right posture, and avoid the injuries and muscle aches that can otherwise result. 

Adjustable office chairs that provide great back support are worth the money, or you could consider a standing desk that lets you change position during the day. You might also want to look at desk organisers so that everything you need is right to hand without having to strain. It’s all about the ergonomics! 

You might feel that office-style furniture looks odd in your home, but trust us, it’s a lot better than working from the couch or even in bed. Those places are for chilling, so rather don’t turn them into part of your office. 

Technology can also play a part – for instance, if your day is full of video calls, you’ll need a good webcam if your laptop doesn’t have a built-in one, and some headphones so that you don’t drive the rest of the household crazy! 

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Creature comforts 

Staring at a blank wall all day never inspired anyone, so try and make your home office more appealing with pictures, ornaments or a plant or two. Consider a noticeboard on the wall for inspirational quotes and pictures – you could also use it as a mood board for your next holiday or all the things you’re going to buy with your hard-earned salary. You could be working in your home office for there for years to come! 


You’ve set up your home office, now all you have to do is concentrate on your work and not spend all watching cute kitten videos! Although the occasional visit to is the ideal way to take a break…