Crafty and craft-wise



There is place on bidorbuy for amusing, eccentric or even absurd listings; after all, that is the stuff that tales are made of. There is even a section on the forum devoted to weird, wacky or funny items. However, listing a Nothing, actually, fifty Nothings, on bidorbuy was received by the powers-to-be (your friendly bidorbuy team) not with a chuckle, but a frown. True, a bidder found it hilarious “to be buying nothing, yet paying something for nothing. Then he went on to ask: Do we at least get positive ratings for buying this very rare item?

And that is what set off the alarm bells.  Selling nothing and buying it for a few cents with (what can be interpreted as) the ulterior motive of soliciting positive ratings certainly has no place on bidorbuy. That is why the seller of fifty Nothings was unceremoniously suspended for one week.

The moral being, having a laugh or two is fine, but it stops being funny when it affects serious matters like bidorbuy rating system.


There are also bidorbuy sellers who rely on the hard work of their hands, literally. Like these two: the seller who goes under the user name Bevcrafts offers delight ceramic and vinyl handmade miniatures, and the seller craftystuff has several stunning finished mosaic pieces – also handmade, naturally, as well as a selection of supplies for craft-lovers.

And why are we singling out handmade items?  Well, because they are beautiful, and unique, and … well, handmade. To quote a line of wisdom sourced from the Internet, “if something is handmade, you can be sure that love is one of the ingredients.”  And this line is worthy of becoming a war-cry of the buy-handmade movement: “Don’t be a sheep! Buy handmade and let others follow you!”

Find more reasons to buy handmade, or give your own reason at Pledge Handmade. Then proceed to buy a handmade item on biorbuy .