Cookers Block: Overcoming the challenges of daily cooking


Are you tired of the same old meal every day? As a home cook, I understand the difficulties of battling “cookers block” and the desire for new and exciting dishes. It can be a stressful and time consuming daily task. In this article, we will explore different strategies to overcome cookers block and ignite a passion for cooking. By the end of this journey, you’ll be ready to fire up the grill and create delicious meals with confidence.

Finding something to cook.

Finding something to cook everyday can be the hardest part of being a home cook. Striking a balance between what you made a few days ago, determining who eats what and trying to find a balanced meal can be very stressful. This is when I started turning to apps and cook books. These offer some great ideas on how to spice up your cooking and keep the rotation of meals fresh and new. Taking the time to master these meals can be the most rewarding part and provide some interesting conversation around the dinner table. Embracing this approach opens up a world of learning and endless enjoyment.

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Travel the World through Your Kitchen.

Since we have already started exploring cook books and cooking apps, why stop there. What I have found that has provided an extra layer of excitement, is exploring different cultures through their food. This is a good way to master cooking techniques. Travelling to Italy through their food was so exciting; earning how to cook my pasta al dente was a game changer. This led to a date night, of hand made pasta, and you do not need a special pasta machine. All you need is the university of youtube. Frying my rice for the first time changed the way I look at rice and breakfast. This led me to investigate different cultures’ ideas of breakfast. Nothing will beat the week I explored different types of starch, from noodles to rice. The most fun I’ve had on youtube in a while. There is a whole world to explore!

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The tools for the job.

Something I learnt later in my home cook adventure was, you need the right tools for the job. Learning to bake bread is so much easier with a stand mixer. Not everyone has the money for the best equipment, however pain we endure, faulty weaponry we do not. We can always be creative. For example, most mixers come with dough hooks, but it goes a lot deeper than that. The perfect sunny side up fried eggs are made in a nonstick pan, but spray and cook works perfectly. To the average person there is no difference in cayenne pepper and paprika. Being creative will not only bring fun to your cooking but will exercise your mind to think in a different way.

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Cooking is not just about following recipes. It’s about honing essential cooking techniques that elevate your skills and allow you to create delicious meals with confidence. Whether you’re a novice home cook or have some experience in the kitchen, understanding and practising fundamental cooking techniques can take your cooking to new heights. Things such as sautéing, braising, roasting, grilling, baking and for me, the most important, knife skills, can really take your cooking to a new level.

As you can see, being a home cook can be very exciting. From travelling the world, all the way to learning new skills. Sharing a delicious home cooked meal is a great way to bring family together. Do not let cookers block stand in your way!