Colours of Autumn: 2012 Pantone


From basics to brights, the predictions for Autumn 2012 colour trends have been announced by Pantone. See what they are, and how to wear them. Which do you think will be your favourite for the coming cooler months? And which do you think should rather be stuffed in the back of the closet?

Rose Smoke

Rose Smoke is a pretty colour. It’s understated and feminine and goes beautifully with dark greys, like Titanium,  because of its cool dark undertones. Warm it up with rich browns, and even dark oranges like Tangerine Tango.




 French Roast

French Roast can be worn as a basic if your bored of black. This soft brownish charcoal is the perfect Autumn hue. Pair it with warm colours like Honey Gold or cooler ones like Rose Smoke.






Another cool tone for Autumn, Rhapsody is a serene purple that exudes comfort and calm. Like Rose Smoke, Rhapsody also has greyish undertones and goes well with Titanium. Wear it with Ultramarine or Olympian Blue to give it some needed energy in the freeze.




Honey Gold

Honey Gold looks like the mellow sunlight of a chilly Autumn day. Pair it with a strong colour like Olympian Blue to make it shine. It goes well with darker hues like French Roast too, but make sure to add a pop of another bright colour (Pink Flambé is a good one) if you plan to try out this combination.




Ultramarine Green

This misty green is not quite ‘earthy’; it has a bit of magic to it, a bit of shine in it. Although this is quite a bohemian-looking colour, it’s easy to keep it sophisticated by pairing it with Titanium; and add a bit of happy Rhapsody or Pink Flambé if you’re feeling more playful.




Pink Flambé

This  slightly burnt hue brings a bit of warmth to the cooler months, without making you long for the summertime. Bright Chartreuse, Tangerine Tango (if you’re feeling really brave) or Olympian Blue can be combined with this colour to make it pop. Keep it soft and blush by mixing it with Honey Gold or Titanium. This surprisingly versatile colour, will most certainly be making the rounds on side walks everywhere.



Olympian Blue

Orange and blue are colour wheel opposites, and the ignited Tangerine Tango was made to be worn with this strong blue. Rose Smoke also makes a pretty combination (or try all three for an off-the-catwalk look). French Roast and Honey Gold are also elegant combination colours, and will bring warmth to the look.




Tangerine Tango

The orange-crush that the fashion world has had since last year continues with a warmer, more accessible hue. Use this colour in the cooler months to brighten up your day, as a colour block or an accent.  A combination with French Roast will keep it warm, while mixing it with Olympian Blue or Pink Flambé will keep it happy and bright. Mixing it with the soft Rose Smoke will produce surprisingly pretty results too.




Bright Chartreuse

This foliage green contrasts the misty Ultramarine Green and should be used as an accent colour to brighten up a dreary, wintery outfit. It works well with Titanium and Pink Flambé.