What the colour you wear says about you


Some think that colour says a lot about a person. According to some theorists, your clothes are an extension of your own skin; and the colours that you feel most comfortable wearing, an extension of your personality. We look at the basic hue categories: neutrals, jewel tones, warm hues and cool hues to see what they say about personality.

So, what hue are you?


White, ivory, nude shades and greys all fall into the neutrals category.

If you tend to wear these colours you are:

  • Practical
  • Quiet
  • Composed

Tip: Add a splash of colour to shake up your neutral outfit.

Jewel Tones

Rich plum, emerald green, magenta and strong dark blues are jewel hues.

If you just love these colours you are:

  • Creative
  • Self-assured
  • Bold

Tip: Let jewel tones be the statement piece by pairing them with neutrals.

Warm Hues

Oranges, peach, yellows and reds are all warm hues.

If you gravitate towards wearing these colours you are:

  • Nurturing
  • Friendly
  • Cheerful

Tip: Pair with dark shades like brown and black.

Cool Hues

Light blues, soft pinks, minty green and lavender are cool hues.

If you like to wear these colours you are:

  • A bit of an introvert
  • Cool, calm and collected

Tip: Don’t let your outfit look too cold. Add warm neutrals like brown and camel. Even dark grey and black will balance these colours well.


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