Christmas tale à la bidorbuy


(Otherwise known as: If it can be bought, it can be bought on bidorbuy)

Looking at the newest series of pretty banners on the home page, it occurred to us that they tell a picture story. It goes something like this:

Banner 1:
December is traditionally a gifting month. The bidorbuy Christmas Catalogue is there to help you fulfil your gifting obligations. Currently featuring over eight hundred items, the catalogue has five sections: Christmas Decorations, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Kids and the inevitable (for all things in life will evade classification) Other Gifts. We trust that this makes it easy for you to browse and select the perfect gift quickly.

Banner 2:
You may, for various reasons, want to really spurge out on gifts this festive season. If so inclined, you’ll be glad to know that bidorbuy has a wide selection of gemstones. For this special occasion, we recommend diamonds, because they, with their transparent sparkle, seem to capture the very essence of everlasting beauty.

Other popular gemstones on the site are: sapphires, rubies, tanzanites, emeralds, etc.

Banner 3:
We know, this is the season of goodwill… However, we cannot count on absolutely everybody to embrace the spirit of benevolence.

That is why you will want some extra protection for your possessions. You will find all you need, from basics to high-tech equipment, in the bidorbuy Security & Surveillance section.

And in case you did not know: the term surveillance is French for “watching over”.

Banner 4:
Now that you’ve spent all that money on gifts and on surveillance, you can’t afford a vacation in a 5-star hotel? The bidorbuy home page banner number four seems to say: go camping. Camping has to be the best way to connect with nature, something all city dwellers need to do at least once a year. So, get your camping gear on bidorbuy and set off!

Of course, bidorbuy is too big to be covered by any four banners. Explore the site and enjoy shopping from home this Christmas season!

And a little recommendation from us: visit the bidorbuy Charity Listings page and channel some of your festive season budget towards those who are most in need of help.