Check it out before checking out


Buyer’s remorse can be the result of not knowing what you are buying. Don’t let it happen to you!

The buyer who wanted to give his little one a doll house dining room set… and ended up with a 12-seater that was difficult to fit through the door.

The buyer who was looking forward to giving his girlfriend a spin in a mighty sports car… and ended up with a remote control model.

The buyer who expected a stylish pen used on the image as a reference for size… and received a porcelain cat instead.

Yes, online shopping can have its pitfalls. Especially for the buyers who do not read the description.

It is true that most sellers will probably take the item back and refund you if you make such a mistake. However, do you really want to go through the unavoidable hassle and stress of explaining, packing, dispatching, waiting… (Not to mention the pain of being subjected to derisive chuckles of those nearest and dearest to you.)

That’s why we’ll never tire of repeating: buyers, check the item description of the product you want to buy before you click on the “buy now” or “bid now” button.

And by checking we do not mean admiring the excellent photos the seller uploaded and imagining yourself enjoying your purchase. We mean reading, word by word, the description the seller supplied, plus the information stated under the shipping and payment tab. Then scroll down to the bottom of the listing to see if any visitor before you asked a question, and read it. Read the seller’s answer too.

But what if after all that careful scrutiny you are still assailed by doubts?Ask the seller a question, naturally! This post explains how it’s done.

There you are. A few minutes of your time saves you a mountain of worry!