Camera bags


camera bags


They may engage in endless and even contentious discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of this or that piece of photo equipment, but practically all photographers agree that camera bag is the most important accessory. It stands to reason: as soon as you buy a camera, you buy a camera bag, because you want to protect your investment and easily move it around.


Finding the right camera bag is not easy. You might buy a compact bag that fits the camera… and indeed, that may be enough for you at that point in time. But what if in your photographic future (like two or three months down the line) you realise that you simply have to take with you a whole lot of accessories? For example an external flash, shutter release, tripod, and so on.


camera bags


It follows that you should purchase a bag that is bigger than what you think you need.


The next thing to consider is what kind of camera bag to get: shoulder bag, sling bag, waist pack, backpack, or hard case? This is a matter of personal preference, but only up to a point. Shoulder bags, sling bags and waist packs are great because they give you quick access to the camera; backpacks are ideal if you want to take your camera hiking or mountain climbing; hard cases are designed to be knocked and thrown around and as such favoured among photographers who travel a lot.


Of course, all camera bags should offer a reasonable level of protection to the equipment packed inside it. Zips and pockets should close securely and the bag should be waterproof (or come with a waterproof cover).


Comfort is also important. Whether you carry it over your shoulder, around your waist or on your back, the bag must feel comfortable. So, look for well-padded straps and breathable fabrics.


If you find that many camera bags do not look like camera bags… that’s because they shouldn’t. After all, you want to photograph street scenes with natural-looking (as opposed to camera-conscious) humans. You also do not want to attract the unwanted attention of thugs roaming around.


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