Buy it ON bidorbuy


not FROM bidorbuy

In other words, bidorbuy is not in the business of selling merchandise.

We know that this is not news for you. At least, for most of you. However, we hope that this reiteration of a well-known fact will go a long way towards eliminating some pointless enquiries. For example, from people who call bidorbuy customer support to ask about the availability of size 8 of a specific pair of shoes listed on bidorbuy.

Therefore, here it is again: bidorbuy does not sell. Yes, there are tens of thousands of items on bidorbuy web site. At the last count, there were exactly 122,274 of them. And yes, the monthly turnover of the products listed on bidorbuy runs well into millions.

And yet, it is not bidorbuy that sells them. When you buy on bidorbuy, you buy from other bidorbuy users, individuals just like you. All of that is explained in the online article entitled What is, while the process of buying on bidorbuy is detailed in the How to buy pages.

We know that people do not read the writing posted on Internet. They merely scan through it.  However, it is often worth your while to scan more thoroughly. You may save money on your phone bill – or more. Recently, we had someone come to bidorbuy premises in Bryanston with the intention of shopping for a wedding gown! If she had spent just a little more time in front of the computer on the bidorbuy site, she would not have wasted her time and petrol.

PS: For the benefit of everyone who likes to split hairs, we have to admit that bidorbuy does, occasionally, sell something. Currently, bidorbuy is selling advertising space in its weekly Crazy Wednesday newsletter. Every Friday from nine to two bidorbuy sellers are free to bid for the top spot and the eight smaller spots in the newsletter. And if you have any questions about this or any other item listed on bidorbuy,  just click on the “Ask the seller about this item” link that is included in each and every listing page!