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office supplies

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All good things come to an end, and sadly, that includes the holidays. Like millions of South Africans,
you’re probably heading back to work round about now and wondering how you’ll tackle your inbox
and get through everything your boss has got lined up for you.
With Bob Shop, you can make that back to the office moment much easier to manage thanks to our
great range of stationery and office supplies. We have everything you need to make your cubicle
your own, add a pop of colour to your desk and most importantly, boost your productivity.
Think of it as a New Year’s resolution to work smarter rather than harder!
Time to get organised

Remember when you used to get new stationery at the start of each school year, and you felt like it
was going to help you ace every test and come top of the class? Well, you may be done with exams,
but there’s nothing quite like opening a new box of pens or a blank notebook to motivate you to
come up with brilliant ideas and solve problems.
Despite all the predictions, the paperless office still hasn’t happened yet, so stocking up on back-to-
work stationery with Bob Shop is always a good career move. Start with the basics like binders and
folders (to organise all that new work), and remember that you can never have too many

office supplies

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You’ll need some paperclips to rearrange in the quiet moments, and if you’re a fan of ‘The Office’ TV
show, a stapler and a pack of jelly are all you need for the ultimate prank. After all, being more
productive means you will have more spare time on your hands as you’ll be getting your work done
that much faster.

Other great items for helping you to get more organised in the office include a calendar for your
wall, while buying a stationery set will save you time and money when compared to buying
stationery items individually. Don’t forget some glue to hold everything together, self-adhesive
notes for reminders, and an eraser just in case you make a mistake…

office supplies

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WFH is still a thing

If going back to work means staying at home, then you probably have more freedom when it comes
to designing your ideal workplace and maximising its look and layout for productivity. Make sure you
have adequate lighting, and consider investing in a standing desk to help with your posture. If your job involves being creative rather than analytical, then a plant or picture could help create the right
mood and inspire great thoughts.

Software the best office supply

Of course, you don’t necessarily need more stuff to help you get organised and be better at what
you do. These days, there are loads of great productivity apps and software programmes that can
help you manage your workflow, stay in touch with your colleagues and share ideas.
Make 2024 your best year ever
Once you’ve ordered all your stationery on Bob Shop, you’ll be able to hit the ground running in 2024. It’s bound to be a busy year, but when you have all the office supplies you need to hand, your
increased productivity will be more than enough to handle everything at work