Bizarre fun with Plants vs Zombies



Starting out as a windows and OS X tower defense game in 2009, the Plants vs Zombies series proved so popular that it soon spawned a sequel – and now a console game is being released to much fanfare.


The original game and its sequel allowed players to use a range of plants and fungi to overcome zombie hordes intent on breaking into the players home and presumably devouring his or her brain matter. The currency of the game was “sun”, which regenerated slowly, and which was debited when a player purchased plant. Various level designs seek to confound the player, including night time levels (no replenishing “sun”), fogged levels (parts of the screen obscured) and storm levels (A pitch black screen, illuminated occasionally by lightning flashes).


The second game – Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s about Time – is even more wacky and bizarre. The player travels with his neighbour, Crazy Dave, through time in order to via the latters RV, which doubles as a time machine. It is a lot of effort for presumably little reward – Crazy Dave wishes to return to the time when he savoured a particularily delectable taco. A malfunction causes the RV to head back to Ancient Egypt where the player must foil a plot by the evil Dr Zomboss to replace humans with zombies as the dominant species on the planet.


The third game is called Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and is a console game which mixes tower defense with third person shooter elements. It Features many more game modes and has dedicated co-operative and multiplayer modes.


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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare