The bidorbuyers’ guide to the silly season


new-year-partyThe end of year isn’t called the silly season in South Africa for nothing. Christmas, New Year’s, school holidays, summer vacations: all of them are packed together, and the mix can be somewhat heady. The general atmosphere of fervent activities and disruptions to one’s daily routine can even affect (otherwise perfect) bidorbuyers.

Here are a few tips tailor-made for bidorbuy buyers and sellers on how to deal with the silly season in a calm, collected manner.

Plan ahead (for buyers). Buyers, if you ignored the warnings about how the Christmas gift you ordered on bidorbuy after 20 December may not – probably will not – be dropped down someone’s chimney on 25 December, do not despair. Unless we’re talking children (if yes, you’re beyond help), the giftee will be happier to receive the right gift a few days late, than to receive a wrong gift on time. Smooth things over with a nice Christmas card hinting at the great things to come, or give the gift of a Christmas-themed bobBucks voucher. In any case, learn from your mistake: next year, start your Christmas shopping earlier.

bobBucksPlan ahead (for sellers). Sellers, plan your visit to the post office very carefully (it will be busy) and consider offering a courier service. Though the latter is more expensive, your customers may be ready to fork out more for shipping if it means timely delivery. In any case, remember not to over-promise.

Close the shop (for sellers): If you are going away for a holiday (and you should; you deserve it), ship all the orders so that the buyers receive them before you leave and either close all your bidorbuy listings, or leave them in the hands of a trusted person. The alternative is to bring a mobile device with you and continue managing your bidorbuy business while vacationing… but that may have dire consequences on your family and social life, so we don’t recommend it. Still, always leave at least one communication line open in case your customers or we in bidorbuy need to contact you.

Don’t drink and bid (for buyers). After a pleasant family gathering, or while idling your time away on a beach, it may be tempting to sit in front of your computer or take out your mobile device and, a glass of wine or a bottle of beer in your hand, head over to However, be warned: shopping beach-laptop(especially bidding) and drinking do not make a good combination and can lead to the dreaded buyer’s remorse.

Treat yourself… (for everybody): If, fresh and clear-headed, you spot on bidorbuy a pair of shoes or a wristwatch  you’ve always wanted, indulge yourself. Just buy it.

…but don’t overspend (for everybody): Already spent too much? That was a bad idea. A shaky bank balance is a big source of stress. However, if you find that you still must do some emergency shopping (a toaster broke down, or a kettle, or a toaster and a kettle…), turn to bidorbuy, because things are, as a rule, cheaper there. Plus, you can pay with the Discovery Miles you accumulated, or you can buy on credit with PayLater.

beach-businessmanHave patience (for everybody): Don’t hit the roof if a transaction hits a hurdle. Over this period, buyers and sellers may not always be contactable. You are welcome to call 0861 88 0861 or email (the former is faster), and our customer support consultants will try to help. The bidorbuy HQ will operate as usual throughout the holidays, except on Christmas day, when our offices will be closed.

Think of others (for everybody): It is a scientifically proven fact that people who do something for the less fortunate feel better and are happier than the people who don’t. We suggest donating a small sum or buying something from the bidorbuy Charity sellers.

Have a joyful Christmas, wonderful holiday, exceptional New Year, and keep on buying and selling on bidorbuy!