bidorbuy to star in feature film


bidorbuy in filmbidorbuy will be seen on the big screen in the new feature film, Skorokoro, scheduled for release in November 2015.

From Phoenix Films Press Release:

Phoenix Films is proud to welcome bidorbuy to the world of films. This November bidorbuy will feature in Skorokoro, an upcoming South African film directed by Oscar nominated Darrell James Roodt. Skorokoro tells the story of the little taxi that went up a mountain as an outsider and came down as a winner.

Happiness is a young man living in the back hills of the Drakensberg. Left orphaned after his parents’ untimely death, he was denied a proper education. Yet he never ever let that deter him. He always believed in himself and always strived to make something of himself. His name is an apt one, because he always has a sunny disposition and always looks on the bright side of life.

Happiness earns a living by driving the most rickety skorokoro you’ve ever seen – he’s cobbled it together over the years and it’s barely roadworthy. That is however not a problem as he never uses the main roads anyway. He works his trade on the back roads, mostly ferrying gogos and their washing, from the top of the hill to the valley down below, where they do the daily washing in the river. It’s not exactly going to make him a millionaire but it’s an invaluable community service and he finds himself pretty content with his life.

Until he falls in love with Rose, that is…

Like a combination of the original Herbie – The Love Bug – and Romeo and Juliet, Skorokoro is a heart-warming story of the winner in all of us.

The films has a star studded cast with highly acclaimed Boikie Pholo, Graeme Kriega, Vicky Kent, Solomon Cupido, Elzette Maarschalk, to name a few. The film also introduces two brand new star acts in the likes of Papiso Keogatile and Mbalenhle Zakwe. Together with a great production team and powerhouse cast along with bidorbuy, Skorokoro guarantees to be an exciting story sure to entertain the audience.

Keep an eye out for the bidorbuy branding in Skorokoro this November.