Baby winter wear


With winter in full swing, this is the perfect time to rethink babies wardrobe. We all know how important it is to keep them warm, and the best way to look cute and keep them snug is to layer their clothing.

There are so many adorable options out there: leggings, wooly jackets and hats. Mixing and matching are endless, so start with one layer at a time, and have fun.

You can begin with leggings and pair them with a denim skirt or shorts, or long jeans for the boys. Leather sole socks (pictured below) are perfect for baby; they are comfortable and warm, but still look like stylish shoes. Top baby’s outfit off with a matching long-sleeve top and layer a sleeveless jersey over that. Finish with a scarf and a matching beanie.

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You could even let your little one decide by holding options up and noticing what they respond positively to. You might be surprised by the results.

Layering clothes also allows for unpredictable weather. If things start heating up, you can always remove a layer or two.

Great colours for baby:

Emerald Green
Navy Blue
Dark Purple
Paired with just about any brighter, complimentary colour and you have a winner.