All-year round flower garden


Flowers have an empathetic aura which just lifts a person’s spirits. Plus, taking care of them distracts from stress. This is why every garden needs flowers and, if you provide the correct tender loving care, you will always have a beautiful bright flowered garden to relax in.


Taking care of flowers is fun, especially when you know exactly what you are doing.


So before you start digging, you must gather all the information you need about your choice of flowers; this will help you take care for them properly. Do not forget that the climate also plays a big role in taking care of flowers. With that said, it is advisable to plant according to your climatic conditions to avoid having dead flowers in your garden.


Include some or all of these flowers in your garden and you will never have a dull garden, regardless of which season we are in.















Ideal for summer


Twinspurs (Diascia integerrima)


Twinspurs‘ delicate appearance belies their hardiness. They thrive in full sun or light shade and will grow in any well-drained soil. It is tolerant of dry conditions and resents ‘wet feet’ (constantly moist or even wet soil), but responds well if watered moderately during dry spells. It is also tolerant of cold temperatures and heavy frost. The plants go semi-dormant in winter and by the end of summer they will start to look straggly, so cut them right back and mulch the soil for winter; in the spring, new growth will soon emerge. Some varieties will spill over pots and others tend to grow more upright.


Ideal for autumn


Gazanias (Gazania ringens)


Gazanias prefer a sunny position and are tolerant of dryness and poor soils. Therefore they are an easy choice. They just keep on flowering as long as the sun is out and they close on cloudy days. They don’t need much taking care of; all you need to do is remove the old flowers and periodically feed them with a liquid or water soluble fertilizer. Gazanias are commonly used as groundcovers and can be planted together to cover large areas.
















Ideal for winter


Cape Bugle Lily (Watsonia)


They are so easy to grow and have a long flowering period! Watsonias are ideal for busy gardeners as they are low maintanance. They are also suitable for all gardens. Watsonias are easy to grow in full sun or light shade. Although most are adapted to a winter rainfall climate, they will still thrive under summer rainfall conditions, provided they are grown in well-drained soil and can be watered during their growing season.


Ideal for spring


Garden Verbena (Verbena x hybrida)


Verbena is a popular container plant that blooms from spring to autumn with very little fuss. It also looks good in rock gardens, as an edging plant, or as a short-lived, but extremely colourful groundcover. The verbena hybrids are technically perennials, but most are grown as summer annuals. There are hundreds of cultivars and several series of cultivars, varying in flower colour and growth habit. Some are erect and bushy; others trailing and mat forming; some dense and compact; others open and spreading. The small individual flowers are borne profusely in dense clusters all summer and into autumn.


Remember there is different colours, sizes and shapes of these flowers, so don’t be afraid to mix and match them for an all-year round paradise.