About the ad (again)


How the bidorbuy It’s a Jungle Out There ad put a smile on the faces of the girls at The Strathyre Home

By now you probably noticed that we simply cannot get enough of our “It’s a Jungle Out There” TV advert. If you ask us, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

However, this time we have a higher motive for mentioning the famous ad. It’s not only self-promotional. It’s also self-congratulatory.

Before you start frowning, we hurry to explain:

In case you did not know, the shops featured in the ad had to be created – that is, populated with various merchandise. After the shoot was over, we were left with several boxes of jeans, shirts and sunglasses. We donated them to Salvation Army.

Several days later, we received this message from the Salvation Army Donor and Development Relations Officer Keith Holmes:

“We have just taken receipt of the donation of jeans, T-shirts and sunglasses, and take this opportunity to thank you for these wonderful goods”, he wrote and added:

“We as the PR department have made the choice to send all the goods received to The Strathyre Girls Home. I am sure you can imagine the faces of young girls ranging in age from thirteen to eighteen, on receiving new jeans, t-shirts and sun glasses!… I am sure you will understand the impact it has on these young lives.”

It’s true what they say. Giving really does make you feel good.

In conclusion, here is the ad that made it all possible: It’s a Jungle Out There.