Valentines Day Surprise for bidorbuy


Red heart medium shiney

While there has been some debate around the 14th of February and the origins of the day, the oldest living story that I could find to refer to was a story of a St Valentine who was jailed for defying Emperor Claudius.

While imprisoned, St Valentine befriended the jailer’s daughter who would keep him company while locked away in his dreary cell.

Sadly the saint who is now known as the patron saint of lovers passed away on the 14th of February, but left a token which is now referred to throughout the world, on this day each year.
St Valentine left a note for the jailer’s daughter in which he bid her farewell and signed it “from your Valentine”

Following his death, the 14th of February was then noted by Pope Gelasius, as a day in which to honour the Saint and is typically marked by the sending and receiving of poetry, notes and simple gifts to those who we care about, both lovers and friends alike.

While Valentines Day is received differently by everyone and some are more averse than for it, I just have to confess, I’m having the greatest day ever!

I don’t normally do the whole Valentines Day, “love you’s”, chocolates and poems, roses and small tokens, but this year I thought…If not, why not???

Why do we always look for negative aspects in things that are fun and bring a little bit of dimension to our 2D worlds of computer screens, traffic, stress, politics and exhaustion?

If you have someone who you love, and everyone does, not necessarily romantic love, but if you care about someone isn’t Valentines Day an awesome excuse to tell them how you feel, without seeming like a cheese ball and getting mushy out of the blue.

Come on people – yes it’s been commercialised, and yes perhaps expectations complicate things, but why not. You needn’t go overboard and rush out to buy the most expensive pair of earrings or 12 long stem gold plated roses…all that the day requires is a simple moment of merely 60 seconds, to tell the people you care about, that you value them and value their presence in your life and that they are important to you.

It’s so simple, and really doesn’t take anything away from you, in fact it actually feels pretty good and almost liberating being open with the people who mean something to you by making them feel a touch special today.

A group of people who have made bidorbuy feel super special this Valentines Day and have made our day sweet as chocolate are a collection of loyal bobbers and dedicated forum members.

Each staff member was sweetly surprised by a stunning hamper filled with different type’s of chocolates and tasty treats (All available for purchase on bidorbuy) to wish us all for Valentines Day.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

See what I mean…In this world of anger and resentment, turmoil and uncertainty, a group came together and did something so sweet and so very kind for people who they only know through the website – but because of the goodness in their hearts and their kind nature, they have made each and every one of us feel extra special and appreciated today.

On behalf of everyone from bidorbuy thank you to all of the bobbers who contributed to our lovely hampers, there are too many to thank individually, but you know who you are and have totally blown us all away with your generosity.
Thank you also to Choc’s n Treat’s for arranging this lovely surprise and for personally delivering these to use yesterday.

Thanks again from:


And of coarse me, Camilla

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

And remember…

To love a person is to learn the song
That is in their heart,
And to sing it to them
When they have forgotten.
~ by Anonymous ~