5 underrated kitchen utensils


5 underrated kitchen utensils

We can all attest to buying kitchen utensils and either not using them or buying them for all the wrong reasons i.e. because they were sale.  Here is a list of 5 kitchen utensils that are very useful but underutilized.


Food scraper


Food Scraper

There are many types of scrapers such as dough scrapers, bowl scraper, pan scraper. This utensil is very handy when you are trying to remove food stuffs from difficult spots like the bottom of the mayonnaise jar. It is a must have utensil because you never know when you will need it.






The average household has a pair of tongs somewhere in a drawer, however they are only remembered when one is at a braai. Tongs have other uses besides picking up meat from a hot fire. They can be used to toss a salad/stir-fry or even reach for Tabasco sauce from a high shelf.





Most people associate the word nutcracker with the famous ballet act by Tchaikovsky. Nutcrackers are the best alternative to using a stone or a hammer to crack the shell of a nut. Little do you know, there are two types of nutcrackers namely functional and decorative. The functional nutcrackers are typically made from stainless steel and as the name suggests are the robust and get the nut cracked open. The decorative ones are used more their aesthetic qualities and they are not as robust as the functional ones.




motar and pestle


Mortar and pestle

This versatile tool can grind or crush almost everything from spices to herbs. Mortar and pestle are made from materials such as stone, marble or bamboo. These two tools enhance the flavours and release the natural oils of the materials that they are crushing.




Rolling pin


Rolling Pin

Almost every household has one but most people never use it. In the age There are 3 types of rolling pins namely rod, textured and roller. The rod pin is best for pie shells and the textured is typically used for special pastries or breads.