Go Bokke!


As the South African nation unites on the eve of the rugby world cup the air is filled with anticipation, nerves and most of all pride.
Pride in our country, pride for our team and pride for our people.

It’s at times like these that despite the hard truths of our past, these demons are long forgotten and all that remains is Green and Gold.
No matter who you are or whether you are a supporter or not, there is nothing more exciting than watching your fellow countrymen run out onto the lush battlefield and fight for the pride of our nation.

Addressed by the countries leader, South African’s across the nation dressed this morning in green and gold and will do so once again tomorrow.
Support was show without a conscious desire to do so and as mushy as this may sound…Today I am proud to be an African, but not just any African…I am a South African!

We unite, stand together and yes we will conquer the English.
And with that, all that bidorbuy have left to say is….