A toe tapping track fetches a pretty penny


Alan Strydom has scratched his way to this week’s R5000 Crazy For Cash weekly prize by producing a toe tapping bidorbuy track.
The track entitled bidorbuy Auction Addiction got the judges’ feet stomping as soon as the beat started pumping.
With a story scratched into the base line there was no denying this track its glory.

After telling Alan he had won the weekly R5000 prize he told us he wasn’t even planning on entering.

He has taught himself everything he knows about mixing and scratching and producing music but never intended on entering the Crazy For Cash competition.

Just goes to show…You can’t win if you don’t play.

Check out Alan’s awesome clip while listening to the track.
Then check it out a second time but listen closely… you will see what I mean…
This isn’t just any old track, Alan has actually told a story by incorporating the use of various sound samples to tie in with the bidorbuy brand and experience.

Alan, You beauty!
An awesome prize for an awesome entry.