10 Things to love about winter


Everyone complains this time of year when winter comes around.


We’re cold, we’re sniffly, days are shorter and nights are longer.


But, believe it or not, there are people out there who simply adore the cold winter months.


Here are 10 reasons why:


1. Bubble baths

There really is nothing better than relaxing after a long day in a hot bubble bath!

















2. Fluffy pajamas

Bright and colourful, your winter PJs keep you smiling despite the cold outside.

kids in pajamas













3. Homemade soup

Butternut, Leek & Potato, Chicken or Minestrone. Anything to warm your tummy!

Minestrone Soup
















4. Gloves, scarves and beanies

Cover up from the biting cold with a whole bunch of wintry accessories.

winter accessories

















5. Fireplaces

Relaxing in front of the fireplace with a good book is the absolute best!

fireplace reading man













6. Snuggly blankets

Snuggle up in bed with a warm, cosy blanket and beat the winter blues.

snuggly blankets













7. Hot Cocoa

Warm up your insides with a delicious mug of steaming rich hot cocoa.

drinking mug hot drink














8. Boots. Boots. Boots.

From ankle boots to thigh high boots, you definitely need a pair for every occasion this winter.


















9. Staying in to watch a movie

When its too cold to go out, get yourself a bowl of hot popcorn and watch a movie!













10. Summer will be back again!

Don’t worry, if winter really gets you down, you’ll be happy to know that summer will be back again soon!

summer fun